i: regressions

in the emi-verses, the energy emits a founding format oft: but patterning and solutions can't monopolize such an object. that is in accordance, in accordance {summer of hopefuls dread} and yet they don't format an hypothesis. a media formats from the pockets of creativity to form an. the types, types prints sans, and following such illusional fantasies was not a priority action. and winds rattled her wings. and winds rattled her wings. in the emi-verses, I'd would say such things such as that and then. betwixt drolling chews, and, and. slowly from the rolls came fixed to a metallic structure, the malicious wiring sentencing onlookers to up through. and how could he hold a chance? dancing with butterflies, throughout fields that stretched unto the turtle. still, in the emi-verses. a pendulum wept. fluid spilt from the wound on the cactus an. grass touches the knee, the bare knee. and green. ever peeking through the pack. a pin and a dance. a four, yes four, with an uneven group. that rhombus was uneven. in the emi-verses, the fulling feeling developed. it developed in groups. it developed from emotions and the larger. that rhombus was uneven and she paid attention with bright eyes. the other, the other one had something too, as it was uneven and they were marooned on an island of giants. in the emi-verses, the others began to appear. and there's no way such a character can come from such a normal setting. for they are another. cherish and limes together for a manual conference. and she sat near. in the emi-verses, everyone was competition, for. but they didn't say a thing, drowning in paper delinquencies. a quarter made the leader cry. tearing laughter out of. that racing cheering sinister engineering. in the emi-verses, a group of outcasts formed. this was what was left of the binormal entities. and groups followed and a series of drumming followed. theatrical. wooden, chilling wars progressed. but at its heart, there was. and for those fleeting moments, they were together. it was a farce, but he wondered if she wanted it as much as he did. it was was forced, but. it was like a derailed train in its frights, but this time it was implied and known. the crinkles of newspaper and she reminisced. and the sun rained down. and it was only a victory for their hearts. for the real victory went to where he initially wanted to be. and in the emi-verses, she disappeared next year. but appearing right beside her. an ideal situation; it just took several years for the situation to develop. a pin and a dance. and she touched his shoulders. in joy, in ambiguity, she said something to him. the wall, it was on the wall on that first day in this advanced existence. reading was delayed at first, but what else but? zones, partitions. a friend of her own couldn't debate in the market and. this was in the emi-verses, where they unleashed a creative force. and in the emi-verses, he couldn't find the place where he lost his car. it was cast already to another, and instead, the. flooding a market. printing. the oozing nature of this castle cannot be destroyed by a simpler and better-known method. and in these forming emi-verses, there were things dancing in the shadows, among the castle walls that formed an older passion within the poetic wanderings of the early verses. for in that hidden room. searching for answers. desperate for the rocks to crumple. but in the emi-verses. an art heard heart. still, life, and calm throughout the maternal maps of. and so, as they ventured outwards past the boxing lacks-punched (by the fountain and a hand) still and he followed close behind her. did they touch. they were rushed around and he followed close behind her. she carried a basket filled with various fruits; she brought biscuits. and she would bring them. and it was the death of this phase. and in the emi-verses, she drew in the. but what of the short-lived forms that danced and so candies danced. and the pencils danced across the tables. because the arts formed. because the arts formed unto the imaginations, of seven lights that formed into a ball and the ball forms a point in the experiential realities. and the villains ranked into as well. they said words with true emotional purpose, in contrast to their metallic bodies. for the squares were followed by semicircles, and the cruel diamond reigned. but those circular joints demanding a greater festivity, and then a coping to the left. but weren't they alike? for by to the be, they exchanged glances toward the methods of initial love. but what of the emi-verses? she did a smile in the others, but it was repressed and needed to burst free with emotion to be coaxed. smiling into a march throughout the favored butterflies, (they chased them throughout the grass plains and eventually a bead became a log. a small stick was coated in mud so it became a sharp stone petrified in the lava forests). scrambled hiding places developed on the darkened room, where envelopes pushed and popped in and out of existence adjacent to the emi-verses. maybe in the higher years it disappeared from the spotlight (although not of the literal actual objected); the smells of burning charcoal among others. in the emi-verses, her mother looked at me and smiled, she knew me. of course, the consequences demanded the scenario, as the hand plunged out of earth next to a grave. the hand clasped a bottle, stuffed with rhetoric. her mother knew everyone. she knew everyone. she knew everyone but how did she know this identity so well? it was one of the final days in the elementary emi-verses when her mother knew me again. the raft flew around the roaring canyons like that shuttle. ghastly puppets being linked together, sewn together in those stitched up lava forests. it was a long trip, so only the old toys could come along, with a palace here or there to celebrate the stars. it was a new toy coming along (one that I'd never seen before). this was after the salts and cheese had been deposited. nothing at all happened and there was nothing to worry about, they told us. those twisting canyons forward and we had to shut it off. the drivers were careful, but the anxiety was still there. the images of fear projected onto the adjacent wall-- it crashed through the guard rails and flew down into the canyon and he dashed toward her and told her something he never conceived of before, and they collided. the invented projections shut off and were dismissed as pure fiction, as these were the emi-verses. and in the higher years it disappeared from the spotlight, with the smells of burning charcoal slowly fading as well. but spiked walls would gash up the historic groups floating upward to the top and the mystical swirls of force would eventually drum into a conclusion, that stranger said that stranger said that stranger with the book of poetry filled into the description of a china doll, although dislike wasn't rare from the hash. though throughout these emi-verses, the heat never quite faded and on the final day before ascension there passed by a a a a a a until the stairs where the emi-verses became heated and it was. slipped steps with a glance. how could it have been with the blues, those other competitors hissing loudly. an artificial guitar and drum spake loudly of something questioning. conflict for not the last time. and even when the emi-verses, a distant blues competitor looked twice to the right; passing by a treasured food. through the cosmos, it reigns onward to no resoultion. and of the emi-verses, there is no resolution. in the emi-verses.